custom made,picture frames,framed artwork,art framing
art framing
custom made,picture frames,framed artwork, art framing

Conservation Framing

Attikus Arts stocks six different types of moldings . These molding options appear once you have selected a particular painting or print while browsing the Art or Photo galleries. The profile drawing and close-ups on the right will change as you click on the different corner samples.

Once you have chosen your molding type, click select again. You will be taken to the option page where you may select your preferred matte thickness, and glass type. Attikus Arts stocks three different thickness of Bainbridge "Pure White" Matte (2ply, 4ply, 8ply), and two different glass types. Standard picture glass or Plexiglas. All framing products are acid free archival quality, and will not harm the artwork. Next click add to order and follow the check-out instructions. We offer twenty-four additional moldings and eight matte types in the special order framing section.

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